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Small Business Consulting

Mom n’ Pop shops are the lifeblood of American communities. I work with business owners to improve cash flow and efficiency, and to keep their dreams alive.

Holistic Financial Planning

My clients are equipped to prepare for the most unexpected of surprises while they eliminate debt, protect their assets, and build a guaranteed retirement income. 

Self-Development Mentorship

As an RHN, ACE-certified personal trainer, and certified Reiki Master therapist, I teach my clients how to create physical, spiritual, and financial health. 

Yes, you can cultivate a life you love.
Let's explore how. 


Hey there, I’m Mandy.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I help ordinary individuals, families, and business owners become the  architects of their own lives

What does this mean? Well, to live a great life,  you need to have a healthy and solid foundation. Your health and your ability to provide for yourself (now, and later on in the future) determines a lot about how many things will turn out. 

As a business-savvy healer, I apply a holistic approach when helping individuals, families, and business owners attain financial freedom, plan for the future, and identify how their inner experience(s) affects their external. 

It’s not always easy to untangle the mess and figure out how to move forward. Fortunately, we’re in  this  together. You’re in good hands, so please reach out to me if you would like to learn more. 


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"Mandy has always been a hard worker and very honest, which is easily seen by the number of people who still want her to work for them as she organizes and manages some of her own businesses."

Lesa Krajewski, South Dakota

"We were always
able to rest easy knowing that we had a very trustworthy relationship with Mandy and that she looked for us as a
business and as friends. Mandy was our caretaker and protector of the needs of our business. We will always
appreciate her greatly."

Dr. Christina Breitlow, Colorado

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