What I offer

Small Business Consulting

From Bohemian cafes and pop-up restaurants to chiropractic clinics and independent contractors, my team and I team specialize in identifying where small business owners have gone wrong, then helps to correct mistakes for moving forward.

  • Undergo a business audit to uncover hidden revenue
  • Work with experts to create more efficient processes
  • Improve the work environment and vendor relations
  • Solidify your branding and marketing  strategies

Wealth Creation & Foundational Planning

Whether you have $10 or $10 million in the bank, everyone can benefit from foundational  planning. My clients learn how to:

  1. Eliminate debt in 9 years or less
  2. Develop and maintain an estate
  3. Protect assets and pay fewer taxes
  4. Plan for long-term care needs
  5. Ensure  guaranteed retirement income

Brand & Digital Infrastructure Consultant

An online presence is more important than a brick-and-mortar storefront, which is why my team and I specialize in brand refinement and digital presence makeovers. 

  • Develop a brand you love and your business can grow with
  • Feel proud of your easy-to-navigate, informative, and well-written website that is aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • Learn how to implement in-house marketing strategies so reaching new customers doesn’t kill your budget
  • Find your voice in your “why” and learn how to translate that to current and potential customers
  • & more… 

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