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“You deserve to live a life you love.” – Mandy F.


Hi, I’m Mandy.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help people live better lives. For this reason, at the age of 16, I dove into the world of holistic healing and shortly after, became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, chef, certified reflexologist, Reiki master therapist, and ACE-certified personal trainer. Over the span of a decade, I worked at numerous holistic healing centers in the USA, Kenya, Thailand, and Costa Rica. I knew my purpose was to help others actualize happiness and fulfillment — but, I didn’t know how, exactly.

While I studied the holistic healing arts and traveled, I also built a digital marketing agency specializing in WordPress websites, Salesforce admin services, social media strategizing, and business branding. You can learn more about that here. When I returned to the United States in 2016, I recognized that many of the “food as medicine” teachings I wanted to share weren’t accessible to the majority of people due to inefficiencies in the current economic and food systems. As a multi-generational farmer and entrepreneur, I knew I needed to do something — so I switched gears and began studying business management and accounting.

In 2021, I graduated with a degree in Business and Accounting from IBMC and shortly thereafter partnered with The Wealth Store (a company that has been helping clients create great financial health for 20+ years) as a licensed agent. In addition to running my own start-up companies, I offer business consultancy and holistic financial planning services. Although I am based in South Dakota, I frequently meet with clients online and travel across the U.S.

I do this work because I love to help others succeed; oftentimes, financial, spiritual, and physical wellness are prerequisites for living a happy, successful life. 

My hobbies include gardening, running, photography, hiking, playing with animals, spending time with my family, and playing music. 


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"We were alwaysable to rest easy knowing that we had a very trustworthy relationship with Mandy and that she looked for us as abusiness and as friends. Mandy was our caretaker and protector of the needs of our business. We will always appreciate her greatly."

Dr. Christina Breitlow

Former owner of New Leaf Chiropractic

"Mandy has always been a hard worker and very honest, which is easily seen by the number of people who still want her to work for them as she organizes and manages some of her own businesses."

Lesa Krajewski

Teacher in Belle Fourche, SD