Discovering Your Divine Worthiness: A Spiritual Reflection on Jesus Christ

What is worthiness? I’m not worthy. And honestly, neither are you. There, I said it. I started with a “bang”! And if you’re still reading, you’re probably like… “WTF, Mandy?”

I believe in your worthiness. I believe and am enamored by your capacity for love. But, I’d be deluding myself and lying if I said any of us was worthy. And that’s the importance of Him.

Despite growing up Catholic and attending mass nearly every weekend, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for every shred of my faith. Fortunately, God made it easier work when I was younger.

I remember the first time I felt the Holy Spirit. I was about 11 years old and wandering by myself in the woods near the log home my dad crafted from scratch. I was feeling particularly distressed, somewhat depressed (as was common when I was younger), and a bit lonesome. It wasn’t easy growing up an hour away from my friends, but I managed by turning to the forest for excitement and comfort.

As I sat on the moss-covered pine needles and rested against the rough bark of the thick blanket of trees, I allowed myself to go into myself. It felt calming and I just focused on the softness that radiated around me, in me, and through me. Then, I felt a presence. It wasn’t like the paranoia of thinking something or somebody might be watching you. It was like a soft, pulsing glow that had a palpable aura of peace. That was it – that was my introduction to the Divine as a conscious young adult.

When I was roughly four or five years old, I had witnessed God’s love in another capacity. One summy day after a Praise Fellowship (church name) convening, I was playing on the steps as an energetic young kid does and decided to return to the church where my mother and aunt were participating in praying and Laying of the Hands. I didn’t know what I was seeing, but I remember so clearly observing a young woman who was crying and emotional. A group of people surrounded her and extended their hands, bowing their heads. As they prayed, I saw – like, as if I was sitting across from you – gold sparkles fall all over the woman and the people who prayed over her.

At the time I thought, “Whoa, that’s neat.” I just stared until I became bored and went back outside to play. That memory has stuck with me because it was one of the most glorious thing I had ever seen up until that point in my life.

The point I’m getting at is that there is more to this world than any of us likes to admit. Why do we struggle to make a decision on what constitutes “fact” in history, the concept of spiritual warfare, and the relevance of Jesus Christ to us today? Because it’s an uncomfortable topic. It’s one that has persisted for 2,000 years and mainstream culture would prefer we ignore it. Move on, the collective is trying to say. But, there is a stout resistance by the faith that can be felt. It is rock solid, it refuses to budge even as the man-made buildings and societal norms crumble around it. The reason why it refuses to falter is because it is the truth.

And, that truth is becoming more and more observed today as the spoils of mankind’s lustful ways are beginning to rot. And as they rot, that which remains sweet, nourishing, and safe continues to feel more inviting. Having drowned ourselves in discussions of logic, emotions and a “knowing” are beginning to overtake even the most esteemed intellectual. And that, friends, is worth celebrating.

You see, none of us is worthy. But, through Jesus’ sacrifice, we have the great capacity to interact with the Holy Spirit and the Godhead of consciousness (Jesus being the third part, completing the Holy Spirit) to directly communicate with the Force that made us. And, it is the force of truth, love, peace, and justice. It is the unshakeable Almighty and in the wake of destruction caused by woke authoritarianism, it will continue to naturally attract His people, extensions of the Oneness, back to the Light.

I resisted this truth for so long. I tried to convince myself that paganism and Christianity were relatively the same. I attempted to distract myself from “the work” because it didn’t align with my expectation of what “shadow work” and other demonic practices were. In him, we are saved. In him, we are whole and worthy. The true work is showing up, praying often, and allowing the Light of the Holy Spirit to guide you in your personal life, your personal desires, your relationships, and the trajectory of your life. When you do, that’s when life changes.

I don’t intend to come across as preachy, but I am of the opinion that if someone finds something that can contribute to the betterment of society, they have the moral obligation to share their findings – perhaps even though it may not resonate with everyone. So, here I am. I am a reformed Christian and I am proud to be able to speak out on the journey that has led me to this point.

Whether you have accepted Jesus into your heart or are still on the fence, you are WORTHY. The real question is, do you accept and embrace it?