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Foundational Planning Series

Debt Elimination

Our clients learn how to eliminate debt in under 9 years or less without spending any more than they do today

Estate Creation

We help our clients protect their assets by avoiding probate and creating a tax-shelter for all assets through a Living Trust. 

Retirement Planning

Are you 100% sure you are going to have a GREAT retirement? Or, do you have any doubts? Ensure a guaranteed income.  

Long-Term Care

If you were incapacitated, do you have all of the necessary documents in place for your affairs to be handled as you desire? 

We’ll dive into these important topics… and more.

Join me for a FREE 4-part webinar starting on April 17, 2021!

You are invited to participate in the FREE webinar, in which we will be discussing the four principles of foundational planning. The schedule follows:

  • April 17th – Debt Elimination 
  • May 1st – Estate Creation 
  • May 15th – Retirement Planning (How to Ensure a Guaranteed Income)
  • May 29th – Long-Term Care 

Is this Webinar for you? Answer these two questions.

Hey, friends.

I don’t like to think about life’s tough questions anymore than you. Okay, that’s a lie, because I do it for a living. But that said, there are some topics we need to address sooner rather than later, if you get what I mean. They follow: 

1. Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement…? Or, do you have any doubt? 

2. If you were unexpectedly incapacitated, a) do you have a plan in place to ensure your family is taken care of and b) do  you have the necessary documents in place to ensure your loved ones have access to your money, held by financial institutions? 

These are just two of hundreds of very real questions I ask any new prospective client. If they apply to you, then please sign up for this FREE webinar to learn how to improve your financial health.

As a partner agent of The Wealth Store, we have helped thousands of clients over the past 20 years eliminate debt, protect their assets, ensure a comfortable guaranteed retirement, and put the necessary pieces in place to create a more secure future. 

I look forward to chatting with you more about these key financial pieces. 

Warm regards,
Mandy Froelich 



"Mandy has always been a hard worker and very honest, which is easily seen by the number of people who still want her to work for them as she organizes and manages some of her own businesses."

Lesa K. Belle Fourche, SD

We were always able to rest easy knowing that we had a very trustworthy relationship with Mandy and that she looked for us as a business and as friends. Mandy was our caretaker and protector of the needs of our business. We will always appreciate her greatly.

Christina B. Longmont, CO