Froelich Farm, Inc.

Business Development & Website Design

My father is the hardest worker I have ever known. From as early as I can remember, he was building our dream log home and working day and night to put food on the table. The owner of his own sawmill, then a logging company, then a custom furniture company, and then a 240-acre farm, dubbed Froelich Farm, he has proved that anything is possible if 1) you work hard enough and 2) persevere. 

As an adult, it has been an honor to help build and support the success of our family farm, located out in Vale, SD. There is a lot more work to do, but so far, we have accomplished the following: 

  • New website
  • Co-develop an innovative and sustainable food production system
    • Berkshire hogs
    • Hemp
    • Organically grown vegetables
    • Year-round hydroponic and vertical gardening
  • Social Media channels + following to connect to locals
  • Administrative support

This project is one of my favorites, and I am excited to continue building it.