Yes, you can absolutely FIRE your client

By Mandy Froelich

Sometimes, personality types clash. Stop taking it personally, recognize the lesson, and move on!

Hey, friends.

On this blog, we get real about a variety of topics. From life and family to business development and even “woo woo” topics like manifestation – I want to dive deep! Today’s topic is about your power in deciding the caliber of client you want to work with and not just taking on every client that passes by your proverbial door!

Credit: Pexels

For too many years, I’ve done just this. I’ve almost become “clingy” with opportunities. If I’m honest, the feeling was that there would never be enough (that’s “lack”). But that’s the interesting thing about life, growth, and the inevitable nuggets of wisdom that each of us finds… In my almost thirty years, I’ve finally learned that I don’t need to cow-toe to the whims of others.

As a highly empathetic people pleaser (I see you, too), I’ve felt it almost my duty to “take people’s sh**” and show up for them even if they fail to show up for me and themselves. Look, you can’t do the most important work for others. That’s the hard truth. So, despite wanting to improve the lives of everyone around you, it’s not going to happen… because some people revel in being unhappy! And that is their choice. Yours is to finally put your happiness and self-worth first.  

My wake-up call came after realizing that I was being tested by Karen-type women in my client list. The more I “people pleased” and played nice, the ruder they became! Some people only respect you if you push back. “Well, that’s not the game I like to play,” I decided. And just like that… *poof*! I realized I didn’t need to take it any longer.

This epiphany is being shared so that hopefully, other sensitive beings realize that once you put down boundaries, the caliber and quality of people you attract change. You raise your vibration from believing in lack and feeling like you can’t do better so you have to take whatever comes your way to realize that there is more than enough and the best clients are just around the corner.

That’s my two cents for the day. Always realize that you are a powerful badass who can move mountains in this world. I believe in you and you are not alone in wanting to improve your life, the lives around you, and the collective status of this world.

Get to werk, lady.