How to Increase Productivity and Your Daily Fulfillment (Video)

Happy March, friends! Yesterday, we got dumped on in Colorado. While it might have *dampened* some people’s weekends (see what I did there? heh), A and I both enjoy the “refreshed” feeling in the air. We’ve all lived through so much awareness of decay this last year, it is lovely to tune in and feel optimism as life renews.

Anyways, after waking up early to shovel the driveway and do some yoga, I felt encouraged to shoot a quick video related to heightening productivity and enjoying your workday more often. I love to work, but I also recognize that balance is essential. Health and happiness precede our ability to authentically create in alignment with Flow. The truth affects us all, which is why I love tuning in and talking about this topic.

Each and every one of us wants to do something great and live happy, successful lives. Starting every day off fresh and strong has proven highly effective in helping me seize the day. I hope this video and the subsequent tips are helpful.

Mandy Froelich