About the Eli Agape Givers + Why I am Pro-Life

Hi, friends.

If ever a contentious topic existed, it is the topic of abortion. Whenever I see any videos or rants posted on social media channels with the declarative hashtag, I immediately click off. I’m just not interested in being a part of the fight.

Or, at least, that’s been my attitude for the past 6 years. But finally, I think it’s time to share my voice on the topic. As a born-and-raised Catholic-turned non-denominational Christian mystic who spent at least 5 years traveling abroad as a vegan chef, living in floral communes, I’ve returned to my roots on the South Dakota prairie and am re-grounding myself in logic and reality (not the watered-down version sold by the media).

Unfortunately, my opinion comes through trial and error – like most of us. So, I’m not sitting here on a pedestal saying this or that is right or wrong. Rather, I’m just sharing my opinion. The Feminist clap has dampened the voices of many women who are proud of their femininity, the balance that should exist between the mutually respectful masculine and feminine, and the importance of saving and caring for our unborn and youth.

I love each and every one of you, but if I can save even one woman or couple the pain of making a decision that will haunt them, I will. I would have been happy sitting on this story and not exposing this vulnerable and most shameful truth. But, there are women who are 9 months pregnant who are campaigning for the right to end that infant’s life in the womb…

And yes, I don’t agree the government shouldn’t be telling any of us what to do. But, I also don’t think we, as a society, can allow our compatriots to perpetuate mental illness as acceptable and socially responsible behavior.

So, here’s why I am happily supporting the Eli Agape Giver’s International organization (and helping to bring them online – website coming soon!), which you can learn more about and donate to here: 

All of my love,

Mandy Froelich