2022 for The Froelich’s: a year in review

Dear loved ones,

Another year has passed and we are grateful for family, good memories, growth, and new change. Here are some developments that took place in 2022.

Merry & Pippin

Aaron begrudgingly gave his blessing for me to adopt two dwarf goats named Merry and Pippin. They are loud, fluffy, and wonderful therapy should anyone need some time on the farm. Just watch out for Merry, he might nibble your coat while you’re not looking.

Matilda & Neville

With Froelich Farms transitioning from hog production to grain production, two rescue pigs (a boar named Neville and a sow named Matilda) have joined the ranks of our budding animal sanctuary. Their purpose is to enjoy life. Now and again, you may spot Aaron sitting on Neville’s back while he scratches him. The pair is… hilarious, to say the least.

Introducing… Apollo!

In February of ’22, we adopted a third dog from the Pine Ridge Reservation. Apollo is a lab/rottweiler/German shepherd mix and is the sweetest puppy on the planet. With the help of our older dogs, Artemis and Damon, he was easy to train and is now one of the pack.

We’re… pregnant!

We are blessed and elated to be welcoming a baby boy in April of 2023. You can bet more photos and details will be shared particularly on social media over the next months and years. Thank you to everyone who has asked to contribute to their introduction to the world. For those who have been asking multiple times, yes, there is a registry. You can find that here. 😉

Life on the prairie – expansion & growth

Aaron has been kept busy with developments on our 5-acre farmstead. In addition to building a new shelter and hut for the pigs and goats, he’s been constructing a shed to help us declutter our tiny home in preparation for the baby. As he waits for legislation to catch up with his ambitions in South Dakota, life on the prairie has provided plenty of challenges and opportunities to stay busy.

Business Development

It’s been a busy but fruitful time for Black Hills Financial Planning and business consulting. In a nutshell, I am grateful for our growing list of clients and the wonderful people I’ve been able to meet and network with around the Black Hills. More goodness to come, surely!

Meraki Missions Int’l

In my “free” time (lol), I have been helping to develop a faith-based mission in Uganda called Meraki Missions Int’l (primarily by providing business insight and IT infrastructure). The goal is to provide spiritual and physical sustenance to the needy in Jinja. Our troops on the ground are phenomenal – what an amazing team. You can learn more about the mission and support (if you desire) by clicking here.

Final thoughts

Due to the economic downturn, uncertainty, and global events, we know that 2022 wasn’t the easiest year for everyone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone with special emphasis on love and nourishment to be abundant this holiday season. We love and are grateful for you all. Here’s to another fantastic year!

Aaron & Mandy Froelich